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Address: 777 Hornby St #1550, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4, Canada
Phone: (604) 638-1100
Website: http://pacificlaw.ca/
carol anne S on 2017-11-19
 What a great place! I am so very pleased with the help and so grateful for the results, guidance, and support. I was totally stressed and very injured and ... in the end all is well...and I got better than I thought possible. In my opinion, this is the only place to go if you want an easier process that only Pacific Law's advanced experience and years of success's, and passion for helping others, can offer. I am so happy that I came here. Call these people, they are good people. I was so so worried and now am so so glad. You will get wise , warm and compassionate support. I am so so pleased.Oh, a peaceful place...and...you can trust them.
Euan Vatcher on 2017-11-19
 I give Pacific Law Group 5 stars for their excellent service and help when I had a legal issue just a few years back. They treated me extremely well, I was not just a name or number to them, and I got the result I was hoping for. This is a very professional firm that always does its best for their clients.
John H on 2017-11-19
 I received excellent advice and timely service. They accomplished the necessary steps in record time and secured a very satisfactory result.

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