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Address: 221 Esplanade W #308, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3J3, Canada
Phone: (604) 973-0188
Website: https://www.papercliplaw.com/
Chris Lawson on 2020-04-21
 Corporate Law Streamlined! Paper Clip Law takes the stress out of legal matters! We've been fortunate enough to use Paper Clip Law for a number of important matters including company incorporation, shareholder & compensation agreements, and copyrighting. We're excited to see their success as we found them to be professionalism, hard working, and approachability. We at Atrium Digital would recommend them to anyone looking for either personal or corporate law.
Anna Hewett on 2020-04-15
 We have worked with Elizabeth and her team at Paperclip Law a few times now and they are amazing! The best service (very fast) and really good and efficient at what they do. We can highly recommend them!! Anna and Scott
Christy Nguyen - UB Marketing on 2020-04-07
 Paper Clip Law helped me revamped all my business contracts into more simple and understandable but at the same time provide the same level of protection. Elizabeth and her team are great. They are prompt and have amazing follow through. I highly recommend Paper Clip Law.
Deborah Bakker on 2020-05-01
 So far, my impressions are great. I've been exchanging with staff at Paperclip Law since last fall about my will, and I finally managed to get a Zoom call and chat with Jen today. Super understanding, accommodating. The workbook they sent around with initial questions was super clear, transparent and very easy to fill out and follow. The whole process makes me feel more at ease, along with the COVID-19 related accommodations they're making to facilitate signatures. Looking forward to working with them to complete the will, PoA, etc. process. Highly recommend! I really like they think of young families and have a package for our needs. Highly recommend!
Melanie Primeau on 2020-03-26
 I needed a will and a colleague from work recommended Paperclip Law. Best decision. Their workbook was so easy to fill out. Response time was fast and the process was so easy. Lalli was great to work with and assured me that what I thought was a complicated family situation was in fact, not. And the cost was extremely reasonable. Highly recommend!

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