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Address: 9245 Main St, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4M8, Canada
Phone: (604) 795-9188
Website: http://www.pattenthornton.com/
Leah Reimer on 2020-05-14
 My husband and I recently refinanced our home using Patten Thornton and their service was exemplary. Peter Thornton explained everything in enough detail so that we understood what we were signing and was able to complete the deal in a very tight timeline. Would highly recommend this firm for any of your legal needs!
Rindi Wilson on 2020-05-08
 Peter and the staff could not have been more helpful with my recent conveyancing job. All my questions were answered quickly and accurately and the fees were better than reasonable. Highly recommend!
Brad Scheerer on 2020-05-19
 Peter helped me successfully navigate a very tricky & emotionally draining situation. His advice was excellent, honest & effective, I could not recommend him strongly enough. Thank you for your help!
Sam Waddington on 2020-02-10
 I use Patten Thornton for both my business legal work as well as my personal representation and I am extremely happy with the services that they provide. In my time nearly 10 years with the firm they have always had a go-to lawyer, however when the matter warrants it they have brought their entire team to bare and paired me with the attorney most suited to the topic at hand. Your needs will be in good hands when you choose Patten Thornton.
Mark Steinebach on 2020-02-28
 Peter Thornton represented me in the recent business partnership matter. The other party was represented by one of the largest law firms in Canada. Peter was very prompt, thorough and professional giving me good counsel that deftly navigated it’s way through a potential minefield. This all served to give me piece of mind and for this I am grateful

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