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Reviews for Cole Raftery Hamilton Criminal Lawyer
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Address: 20 Hughson St S Suite 306, Hamilton, ON L8N 2A1, Canada
Phone: (905) 523-4543
Website: http://rafterycriminallawyer.ca/
Kim Stevens on 2020-02-29
 Mr Raftery is a old hand in the hamilton justice system .I have a very colorful criminal history I've been in a lot of situations . Without fail Cole was there for me and he didn't ever let me down ,Mr. Raftery knows all the rite people that you need to know to make sure you have the best outcome for your case ,so no matter the MATTER I advise anyone who wishes to stay out of prison or at least get the best results for the charges you are dealt ,don't be foolish pick up the phone and give my friend Mr.Raftery . a phone call
Fred Niche on 2019-08-08
 Cole helped me to avoid getting a criminal record. This was a great relief to me and my career.
John Wyecroft on 2018-09-06
 Cole is a veteran criminal lawyer who is one of the top criminal lawyers in Hamilton. He is skilled in his craft and I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need of an expert criminal lawyer.

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