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Address: 295 Weber St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 3H8, Canada
Phone: (519) 886-1204
Website: http://www.petkerlaw.com/
Jeff B on 2020-04-22
 Man these guys know there stuff. They settled my dispute with my former employer instantly. I had thought it was going to be a war, but Mr. Campbell does not mess around. Grateful to have had them on my side. I highly recommend this firm.
Audrey Anderson on 2020-01-10
 Great experience with Petker Campbell Postnikoff. Jarvis Postnikoff is very professional, responsive, he has excellent skills and he drives results. He is transparent and very trustworthy. I highly recommend him and this firm. I was happy with his services and highly satisfied with the result of my case. Thanks again Jarvis!
Jessica Spaetzel on 2019-07-20
 I had emailed an inquiry through their website and although I was not in the right place for the item under discussion, I was provided with exceptional service. Richard emailed me back with recommendations on the best course of action for my circumstances and provided details to an office that was better suited for the services that I needed. Exceptional, above and beyond, courteous and friendly service. For if I am in need of their services in the future, they are the first that I would go to
Cressidia Holmes on 2019-12-20
 Very quick to reply, honest and straightforward answers. Very much appreciate the service!
FT Z on 2018-09-14
 If you are looking for a highly group of lawyers that provide sound advice, look no further. From an employment law perspective Jarvis Postnikoff is a sharp, ethical, and effective lawyer. He will provide sound advice that you can bank on. Jarvis has handled our employment law for many years and we highly recommend his services!

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