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Address: 2609 Westview Dr #301, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4M2, Canada
Phone: (604) 998-0901
Website: http://www.vancouvericbclawyers.com/
Dawn Moulton on 2020-05-18
 We met Tim through a referral, and he gladly took on a difficult civil suit (that other lawyers were not interested in) regarding a home renovation that in hindsight… had low probability of success as we were dealing with a defendant ready to flee the country. The fight was tough and ended up dragged out for period of 6 years as delay tactics were thrown in front of us that Tim elegantly dodged. As were we inexperienced with legal processes we could have ended up in deep trouble, both mentally and financially. Tim gave us sound advice to navigate through the tough waters and obstacles, not only did we win, but we ended up with a trusted friend as it is obvious that he operates with an extremely high level of integrity and always puts his clients best interest over his personal profit. I often reflect on how badly our case would have ended up had we chosen another lawyer.
Julie Johnstone on 2020-02-13
 Tim Pettit and his team are very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. They are a customer-focussed firm that cares about their clients wellbeing while striving for a successful outcome. Tim walked me through the legal process for my case and was always available to provide guidance, support and realistic expectations. The Admin and Paralegal team (in particular Kelly McNab) were amazing and kept everything on track and informed me every step of the way. My case went to trial and Tim was very impressive in the courtroom in representing my situation in a fair and reasonable manner. His legal expertise, trial experience and knowledge of my case resulted in a successful outcome. I’d highly recommend Tim, Kelly and the entire team!
Bo Gregson on 2019-03-11
 Tim and Kaitlin have been so helpful over the past few years. After a disappointing experience with another law firm Pettit and Company exceeded my expectations and saved me thousands of dollars, and hours, in multiple cases. I regularly ask Tim for legal guidance, have never been let down, and would not hesitate to recommend this law firm.
K C on 2019-05-13
 I was pleasantly surprised by the communication, caring, professionalism and client-centered approach of Tim and his team. I recommend them highly.
Henry Kim on 2017-11-08
 I was referred to Tim by a close friend who could not say enough good things about him. After my initial meeting with Tim, I immediately felt comfortable and I knew he was my guy! He is very knowledgeable, confident, and kind hearted. He handled all 3 of my accident claims and went above and beyond from what I expected from a lawyer. He took the time to get to know me and we share the same love for nature and animals. I trust him wholeheartedly and have confidently recommended him to many. Thanks for all that you do Tim! You're a good guy!!

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