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Address: 1975 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 2M1, Canada
Phone: (416) 291-2222
Website: https://pitapit.ca/locations/scarborough?utm_sourc
Leighton Conner on 2020-03-20
 At the moment you enter this place team give you a nice feeling. Very courteous hosts, it is a good place to to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. Excellent food, professional chef, honest price and excellent service. Highly recommended.
Lady Mensah on 2020-03-09
 Trust this chubby lady when I say Pita pit is always a go-to for fresh tasty wraps and their salads are lit! The secret ingredient might be their cheerful staff, but what do I know.
N W on 2020-03-06
 Every time I come here it’s usually Tyler ?(I believe his name is) working. Honestly his personality makes me enjoy coming here.. the foods always fresh and they’re never stingy with toppings!
Rica Reid on 2019-07-13
 Our love for Pita Pit is real. Fresh ingredients and just all around great taste for a quick meal.I personally like the chicken ceasar in a wrap. I add pineaople and mushrooms .This place has been here for decades and still great taste and great staff.
Keyanna Vanloo on 2020-01-30
 Absolutely phenomenal. Minus the fact that they are open late, any time I walk in there regardless of who's behind the counter - they consistently deliver great service. I get greeted and asked follow up questions to ensure I leave completely satisfied.

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