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Address: 1013 Wilson Ave #203, North York, ON M3K 1G1, Canada
Phone: (416) 630-8702
Website: http://www.dvpledgecriminallawyer.ca/
Kevin Hua on 2019-02-11
 Amazing lawyer!!! Made a deal and kept to her word never went back on her word once! Amazing advice. And within 4 months she got all of my cases withdrawn. I had her represent me for my last case as well and that’s why I had so much confidence in her.
PAC Counti on 2018-07-31
 I have dealt with numerous lawyers over the years so I believe can speak with some confidence about Ms. Pledge’s abilities and professionalism. I was referred to her by an associate who I haven’t known long but he spoke highly of her. And even though my problems had to with a separation agreement and not a criminal matter, Donna was razor sharp on Family Law issues. She quickly edited the agreement, got me very favourable terms, and finished the job relatively quickly despite the fact she seemed to be running in and out of Court every few minutes ;). In her conversations with me, I found her charming, energetic, and very good humoured. I would highly recommend Ms. Pledge to anyone in any sort of legal difficulty.
Kar L on 2018-09-20
 Great lawyer! Trustworthy and was very helpful in helping us win our case. Would recommend to anybody ????

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