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Address: 3292 Production Way Unit 501, Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4, Canada
Phone: (604) 649-8689
Website: http://www.primelawbc.com/
Loveleen Uppal on 2019-09-07
 I was very satisfied in my dealings with her! Very professional, personable and efficient.
Kylee Barnett on 2017-02-10
 I needed quick guidance from Laila and she was beyond helpful! She helped make sense of the contract world! She explained what was missing out of my contract, the pros and cons of each point. She was efficient with my time and hers. She was personalable , friendly and all around knowledgeable, highly recommend.
Dean Croft on 2016-04-14
 Prime Law did a first class job for our recent corporate purchase of an operating entity. The vendor made life difficult, but Laila maintained her professional ethics and got the job done, even when the going got tough. I've been very pleased with her work and the results achieved.
Hafeez Merani on 2014-11-21
 I contacted Laila at Prime Law Corporation to get work done personally and for my business. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, responded in a short amount of time, and went above and beyond to provide me with all the information I needed. Highly recommend.
Sanjana Khaira on 2015-12-09
  I am a lawyer who practices mainly litigation and hired Laila to do the purchase and sale documents for when we sold our place and bought another home. I thought doing a conveyance was easy and just a “rubber-stamp” process. We had so many curve balls thrown our way at the 11th hour! Thank goodness we had Laila to help us through what we thought was just a routine legal transaction. Laila went above and beyond in representing us, even personally going to the bank on the RRSP deadline day and waiting in line for a long time to make sure the bank rectified an oversight on their part. Laila is a credit to the law profession and has helped me see how difficult solicitor work can be! She is an exceptionally conscientious lawyer who is diligent in all that she does. I have no hesitation in recommending Prime Law Corporation to anyone looking for a superb solicitor. Sanjana Khaira of Sanjana Khaira Law Corporation

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