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Address: 808 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L3, Canada
Phone: (604) 660-4444
Website: http://www.trustee.bc.ca/
Star Rosendahl on 2020-01-06
 This has been very difficult to get anything done with my finances. I have had 12 different accountants now, (Case manager) as they seem to be getting switched often. I had enough money to buy a house but was refused and told to rent suites at hotels until I could find a place to reside at. That’s wasting over $1000.00 per month to never claim an asset of up to over $100,000.00... I have asked for a statement of accounting or some form of proof of income statement and balance in my account and keep getting told “I will get back to you on the amount” or they change topic and subject completely. It’s hard to say whether or not my investments have full potential. It’s illegal for my money not to be properly managed due to the finance subject and resolution policy’s of the Canadian government. Not to mention the fees that I’m paying just to store money somewhere on the out skirts of a bank. I am worried I am not getting enough profit back and will run out of money somehow. I would like to proceed to sue for improper management of my accounts, and the amount I had to lose while renting for 5 years... luckily I get government benefits that covered my whole entire spending since my amount was told to me at the beginning of 2015, end of 2014 when I had turned 18. For some reason, they seem to think I’ve spent a lot more than I had spent. I have asked for a total approx. 8 times now with no response. It is tardy, negligent and dishonest that they are not showing me my financial situation information. I am having doubts that the money is going up, and not just draining from my account. I totaled my whole balance after the said spent money (On a car I bought that was stolen...) that spendature was covered by the amount the account went up because of the DB and the ___ amount ($) dollar amount, that it goes up each month. I am unsure whether to sue because of capability or to sue for negligence of breach of my assets. It’s hard to understand why I am not allowed to know my own bank account balance. Seems a bit illegal to with hold that information. I am also wondering why it takes 2 weeks+ just for a phone call back from my case manager. What if there was an accident and I had needed to make a purchase that day? It has also taken them over 10 weeks to find out how long it will take to get rent to my landlord... in which I had to just come up with money on my own. The risk I took lead me to permanently endangering myself and gave me a permanent injury/minor emotional disability. This has been a long rough couple years because without talking freely to your clients about ways to create more income they are losing money. Manulife bank offers $650,000+ for saving $300.00 per month for 40 years. That beats the PGT completely so I hope my lawyer stressed that they are not doing something like this for me, already. I am hoping for my accountant to get back to me sooner. And that I get an updated balance monthly, there should be account information online so it is monitored by the person with the account as well. And not money stolen or hidden in secrecy. My dad would have wanted me to control my own life and assets. But my social worker forced me to sign a form of i capability without telling me what that meant for my bank accounts possessions. That was illegal of her, completely. Now I’m stuck with lawyer fees and the feeling of guilt from sueing a company that is just trying to help me... I hope they build a better conductory style and have more financial information to their clients. That being said I do thank them for covering my financial obligations for me. But without being able to create an asset with such an amount of money is highly illegal. I will call and speak to the manager tomorrow about my financiers. And what I’m wanting to do as the big goal for my income and money. I hope they deal better with me afterwards. They have saved me from spending too much money... but not taken me into consideration for my own wants with my own money. Anyways....

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