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Reviews for Shelly Purdy Studio
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Address: 96 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2J6, Canada
Phone: (416) 340-7581
Website: http://shellypurdy.com/
Vanessa Purdy on 2019-10-16
 I’ve been a customer of Shelly’s for the last 25 years. Her jewelry is extremely well made and stunning. My favourite piece is a necklace I’ve worn almost every day for the last 20 years. I’m so pleased with everything I own (and everything I don’t, yet!) and absolutely recommend Shelly Purdy.
James Hunter on 2019-08-05
 I asked Shelly to make a Sunset ring inspired from the Group of Seven as an engagement ring. It is beautiful. My fiancee and I saw it at the One Of a Kind show in TO. Being an artist and our shared love for the outdoors made this ring perfect for us. Shelly was amazing to work with, answered all my questions, and even sent me pictures. She was even able to customize a wedding ring, which I will be going back to her for. Shelly was also able to put a rush on shipping the ring to me to make it just in time for our trip where I proposed. Simply amazing. :)
Bayla Blevis on 2019-03-18
 Shelly was truly incredible to work with. I had a wedding band designed by Shelly bought about 15 years back. We were looking for something for our 25th anniversary. We turned to Shelly after seeing her at the One of a Kind Craft Show. This time we were looking for a diamond ring. Shelly is so knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She made us comfortable immediately and helped us to pick the perfect ring. It was actually very fun to go through the process with Shelly. She even custom made the ring to sit perfectly beside my organically shaped wedding band. I totally love my new ring and how it works with my old ring. We could not have gotten a better experience and a lovelier ring. We felt she went above and beyond. The bonus was that when we got the independent insurance appraisal the ring was worth substantial more than the purchase price.
Belinda Williams on 2019-05-03
 Shelly was so sweet and very responsive to every email and every question I had. I live in Florida and her company is in Canada. I didn’t know what to expect when choosing a company because I needed someone to make something special for my fiancé. I am so glad with my decision. The quality of her work is impeccable and I will definitely do business with her in the future.
Angela Vanderburg on 2019-04-08
 I just received a most spectacular ring for a landmark birthday and anniversary. Shelly is a brilliant designer and a fabulous person. I'm over-the-moon in love with this ring. I will be a lifelong customer. Thanks you Shelly for everything

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