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Address: Law Chambers, 603 1/2 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P9, Canada
Phone: (416) 556-6387
Website: https://apyperlaw.com/
Aya Jallia on 2019-12-01
 Highly professional, compassionate, smart and kind. She was great with our spousal application , which was complicated by a lot of factors, and I highly recommend her. We met with several lawyers before deciding to go with Allison because we were most comfortable with her in terms of her being candid, realistic and clearly knowing the law. In the end the spousal sponsorship was successful. Thank you Pyper Law!
Michael Simrod on 2019-12-04
 Allison is a very kind, caring and very professional lawyer. She worked with me with respect to a payment plan and was responsive. In court she was very articulate, prepared and I was ultimately acquitted. The one thing you can definitely say about Allison is that she _cares_ about her clients, it shows in everything she does, and she definitely went above and beyond in my case. Highly, highly recommended.
Maynk E. on 2020-01-29
 I would highly recommend Allison Pipper to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details. She will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. She has tenacity coupled with a degree of tenderness but never losing site of the end goal, which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for her client.
ouma james on 2020-02-01
 Dear Allie, Words Cannot Describe How Grateful I am To You And The Firm For Taking My Case. In All Honesty, I Was At My Very Last Breath,,,,, At The Edge Of The Cliff. Finally I'm Now Excited About The Future And Fruitful Partnership!.
janeth gallo on 2020-01-20
 She’s the best lawyer I had in years I’m definitely blessed with her she manage to keep me safe with my daughter in Canada since 2016 If it wasn’t for her I didn’t know where I will be she’s very dedicated person and she’s always there for me no matter when or where she’s always available I can’t describe in one word what a blessing she’s Been in our life’s she always fight to end and keep me calm and relax and tell me that everything is gonna be ok I really appreciate everything she done for us I really recommend her she’s the best ???????? if you want someone who will fight for you to end definitely ALLISON is the lawyer to go to ????thank you for everything

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