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Address: 2565 Steeles Ave E #18, Brampton, ON L6T 4L6, Canada
Phone: (905) 463-2088
Website: http://www.pmlawyers.ca/
Sadaf S. on 2020-04-07
 I want to thank Rai Prashant for his excellent service upon my refinancing. I was entitled to pay out 2 loans with one of which a construction loan from a private lender. I would like to emphasize, the lawyer of the lender was nothing but a thief that should really get reported and all they tried to do was to give an unreasonable pay out statement that was over 8k of what was supposed to be. After reviewing my mortgage agreement, Rai backed me up and shut them down and successfully managed to get the discharge statement of what they really deserved.
Perfect Glamour Studio on 2020-02-25
 Amazing Service, Quick response!! We are so happy that we choose them to work on our house closing deal. The whole process was so smooth. Laxmi, She was the one working on our file. Very polite, Very Helpful, great Service and a lot more to say. Highly recommend them.. Thank you.
santhosh konchada on 2020-03-27
 Well Professional services. especially the personal care which was taken in my case was well appreciated. Great value for the fees and Perfect documentation work done. thanks for your services
Imran Arshad on 2020-02-01
 Outstanding service! I had amazing experience with the team. i deal with Yogita she was very professional. Well explained everything. Got my work done in very speedy manner. I would recommend this place to everyone who is looking for professional and knowledgeable team of lawyers.
Ajay Gupta on 2020-01-24
 Excellent service! Always very professional and helpful in ensuring everything is completed to close the deal. Highly recommended!

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