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Address: 218 Export Blvd Unit 208, Mississauga, ON L5S 0A7, Canada
Phone: (905) 461-9860
Website: http://www.sumalaw.com/
Mukesh Bala on 2020-05-04
 Suma Rao is highly professional, very knowledgeable. I did my PR through her, also closing of my house which I purchased. I referred many of my friends to her and they all got PR through her. My experience with her law firm was amazing. They are a brilliant team of caring and dedicated professionals. I highly recommend Suma Law office for any immigration matter or closing of your home.
Khushboo Ahuja on 2020-05-04
 I jokingly refer to Suma as our family immigration lawyer and this is because she first help my brother with his PR, then did my PR and my parents super visa. Then she worked with us for my parents PR! Suma is very knowledgeable, knows her business and really helps you to understand and get through the process. It would be a lie if I say there weren't any ups and downs during the process but the way she handled it was so brilliant that we didn't even feel any pressure. Her administrative works at times get slow but other than that, I highly highly recommend her! She has helped me, my family and many of my friends with PR application.
preetibhandari . on 2020-05-15
 It has been a pleasure to deal with Suma Rao office. She herself has been diligent and followed through every concern and query. her staff is equally hardworking. Great work by Suma Rao Professional Corporation.
Debarati Banik on 2020-05-05
 Suma Rao's team has been instrumental in my journey to obtain PR. She is systematic & possesses in depth knowledge on the immigration rules. It was sometimes difficult to reach her during my PR processing due to her workload or traveling schedule, but her team mostly got back to me to answer queries and/or share advice, as well as keeping me updated on the standing of my application.
Kapil Taneja on 2019-08-15
 I've been lucky to find a Immigration lawyer who helped my family achieve our Canadian dream. While I was in Canada, had numerous suggestions from my friends/relatives on finalizing an Immigration lawyer. Myself and wife, we spent hours and hours, meeting different attorneys and after careful decision, we decided to go ahead with Suma Law. And our decision wasn't wrong. Though it took us 4 yrs to achieve, but looking back, I can say the entire team worked with us throughout, giving us suggestions and guidance on what we should do next. I can confidently say, that many other attorneys may not do after filing the case or they may suggest very superficially. But Suma and her team - Its an Amazing experience. Even after getting PR, I still rely team to suggest me for any future things. Thanks to relentless team and Suma for being always available and helping us. Thanks so much...

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