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Address: 7779 Blvd. Newman, LaSalle, QC H8N 1X7, Canada
Phone: (514) 826-6561
Website: http://www.reseaunotaires.ca/
Kevin Crispino on 2019-08-20
 Excellent service. Was able to get a same day appointment when I was in a rush to get something notarized. They really take care of you here.
Jaymit Gajjar on 2019-07-31
 My experience was very pleasant. Valter was amazing. I will highly recommend this place.
KELLY NGONGO on 2019-06-25
 I have been there twice and Valter was really nice and patient. I would highly recommend their service. Great service!
Anshuman Saksena on 2017-09-13
 Great notaries. On time, great service, and always helpful! Thank you!

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