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Address: 10180 101 St NW #3200, Edmonton, AB T5J 3W8, Canada
Phone: (780) 425-9510
Website: http://www.rmrf.com/
Rob Kiddell on 2020-02-18
 We had Benjamin Ferland running a defense case against our home builder who stopped work and then put a builders lien against our unfinished project. Ben handled our matter professionally, had the lien matter disproved and got our security money refunded from the court. Excellent service, would recommend.
Michael Shandro on 2019-08-30
 I had Matthew Woodley of the office write a letter to a third party. The letter achieved the desired result. Matthew and everyone else at the office was very professional to deal with. The wording of his draft letter took into account much of what I conveyed to him. I then sent back my desired edits and he sent back another draft in which he tweaked one of my edits. His input was perfect. I was very happy with the services. I will recommend this office to anyone wishing the services of a lawyer in regards to defamation or slander. It is my hope that I will never require their services again, but if I find the need, I will not hesitate to call them.
Chando Jackson on 2019-11-11
 Helped me pay off a fine to a water company they do litigation for, completely proffesional and honest!
Karan Singh on 2019-07-20
 Pritpal here for atul omkar best lawyers ever who won such a complicated case with an ease twice refused they deserve more than five star for their hard work very professional lawyer
Troy Grant on 2018-12-07
 I couldn't be more happy with the services provided by RMRF. I've recommended them to many colleagues and trust RMRF implicitly. A great company with impeccable ethics.

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