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Address: 117 5 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0T7, Canada
Phone: (403) 380-2499
Website: http://www.lowlaw.ca/
Stephanie Baran on 2020-03-03
 We used Jacob and he was amazing to deal with. The purchase of our home was a very easy process. He was friendly, polite, thorough and explained things in a lot of detail. He was a pleasure to deal with and we will be using him in the future! Highly recommend this law firm!
Shayne Cote on 2019-09-26
 Paul Robinson was the best lawyer I've ever worked with. He really cares about everyone and he makes sure you are well informed. His friendly smile, laughter and overall demeanor was great. He's a real genuine person and treats you as such. I would recommend him and his great team to anyone.
Jackie Cook on 2019-09-25
 Paul Robinson was our lawyer, and he was great to work with. Prices for sound realistic advice were reasonable. Highly recommended this team for advice and planning for estates!
DANIELLE LOW on 2019-08-07
 I enjoy working with Mike and crew. They have set up Multiple corporations for us and done some title transfers as well. Each time we have used them they are up front with all of their fees, and they got things done in what we thought was a very timely manner. Its also a very honest and friendly vibe in there, which will be the biggest reason we will continue to use them.
Mckenzie Powell on 2019-07-18
 Dealing with this firm has been wonderful, they responded back quickly and kept me informed on what I needed and what the process was, this was wonderful as this was my first ever home purchase and I was super nervous. Meeting with Paul on my signing day was a great experience he is very friendly and professional plus he gave me a short history of mortgages this made me smile as I am a history nerd! I would recommend this firm to anyone especially if this is your first time buying!

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