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Address: 3 Manchester Ct, Bolton, ON L7E 2Y1, Canada
Phone: (905) 857-2422
Website: https://www.rbauction.com/heavy-equipment-auctions
MITTO TRANSPORT on 2020-03-10
 Awesome auction! Wide selection, great customer service, knowledgeable financ team led by Ms.Azra
Steve R on 2018-05-25
 What a place to go if you have never been and like toys for big boys and girls! Don't be shy if it is your first time. The staff are very helpful and accommodating.
jessica babie on 2019-12-05
 i attended the Ritchie Bros Auction in Bolton today and the staff was to me the World's Best in Customer Service especially the the ladies at the reception desk. i didnt know anything until i spoke to them . they are The Best. Good Job, Good Staff.
Stan Dworkowski on 2018-03-13
 Organized, efficient and exciting! This is a great place to pick up your heavy transportation equipment.

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