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Address: 1720 Sun Life Place, 10123-99 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 3H1, Canada
Phone: (780) 455-5820
Website: https://www.rjalaw.ca/
Luigi Turci on 2020-02-29
 I came to Canada in 2017 with my family and unfortunately we were misrepresented by a lawyer who made our case denied; After that I visited 3 more lawyers who made me waste time and money, and when my deportation order was in force and about to be executed, I visited 2 other lawyers who told me that my case was lost and that they could not do anything, nobody wanted take my case for how complex it was; until I found Rachael, who kindly studied my case and not only managed to stop my deportation order but also represented us very professionally until we obtained our permanent residence; I can testify to how diligent and thorough she is in studying the cases; it does not leave loose ends and its development before jury is very professional; I definitely recommend it 100%. My family will be eternally grateful to Rachael. Thanks Rachael for all your support. Luis T.
Yuki Kashiwagi on 2019-10-17
 I have a difficult immigration case. I visited 2 immigration agents and 1 lawyer, they all said my case was likely to be refused. However, after my case was taken over by Rachael Anderson, I was impressed by her. She is a very professional lawyer. She patiently helped me to go through all the details of my case, and now my problem is solved. I really appreciate her help. Thank you, Rachael!
Erdem Kiyak on 2017-04-10
 she is following her cases, strongly suggest,

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