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Reviews for Brendon Rothwell,Notary Public
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Address: 554 Leon Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J6, Canada
Phone: (250) 861-4452
Website: https://rothwellnotary.com/
Odina Skovgaard on 2020-02-03
 Brendon is so awesome to work with and has very skilled staff. Highly recommended!
Jordan Edwards on 2019-08-26
 Really friendly, helpful and pleasant people. We had some time-sensitive real estate transactions tha required last minute rushes and they made room for us each time. Brendon and Adele are awesome!
Wendy Viejou on 2019-08-29
 Brendon is personable. He helped us work through a lot of information required for some legal documents quickly and efficiently. His pricing was comparable to other quotes. Would definitely recommend Rothwell Notary.
Lori Goodwin on 2019-03-28
 I have been going to Brendon since he started his business. I recommend him to all. He and the team are friendly, professional, and provide excellent service at very reasonable prices. So pleased to see his clientele continue to grow. Thanks Brendon and Sherry! Keep up the great work :)
Ryan H on 2019-07-16
 We have used Brandon Rothwell a couple of times now. Both times he has been great to deal with. Highly recommended!

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