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Address: 10355 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C1, Canada
Phone: (905) 883-5300
Website: http://www.cdncoin.com/
Dan Shaps on 2020-01-18
 Gorgeous store! Just came there after being Recommended by the Canadian Mint.. got a couple of coins and a necklace for the lady. My salesman was Ash - top notch service I'll be a longtime customer going forward.
Austin Bell on 2017-12-15
 Came in with a small collection of coins and met with Ash, very knowledgeable and fair prices paid!! Had some really nest stuff in there. Will deffinatly be back
Amber . on 2020-02-14
 An amazing place with amazing professional staff who took care of me so well. Brandon was so incredibly helpful. Highly recommended!! Thank you again!
James O'Connor on 2019-08-29
 Great selection of bullion, collector coins, currency and just a fun place to look around or shop for a gift for the coin collector on your list. The staff is a hit and miss. Sometimes you will get great attitude people approaching you, other times you’ll get annoying or rude sales clerks. Reception lady is always pleasant and helpful though and seems to have been there the longest. The owner has a “coin show” on the shopping network. His nails are super shiny almost as shiny as the coins. He seems to keep the best coins for his personal collection and has mentioned that on tv, so don’t expect to get any #1’s in a low mintage there. He puts himself before customers but you’ll still find the best selection in town there none the less. More recently they’ve added jewelry and other vintage rarities.
Michael MacEachern on 2020-03-08
 The BEST store for coin collectors or precious metal investors.

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