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Address: 1200 Bay St Suite 604, Toronto, ON M5R 2A5, Canada
Phone: (416) 515-9686
Website: http://www.lostjobs.ca/
Julie Wilson on 2019-09-07
 I had a great experience with Scher Law. They were so helpful and handled every aspect of my case which really took the stress off of my shoulders during a tough period. Hugh is someone you want on your side working for you; I don't know when or if he ever takes a break! I am more than happy with the resolution he was able to obtain for me and would definitely recommend him.
Adam Slipacoff on 2019-09-11
 Mr. Scher is a caring and compassionate lawyer.
Lauren Marcus on 2017-12-11
 After my accident I was referred to a different lawyer who really was not working for me. The communication was bad and not producing results. When I transferred the file to Hugh Scher and his team, that's when things changed. My case was very in depth and needed immediate attention. The professionalism and dedication to results were way beyond my expectations. He is very knowledgeable in all forms of the law and dedicates his time to ensure each case is dealt with properly. He is very responsive and quick to reply to any questions I had ensuring me that the he would achieve the best possible outcome which he truly did. Anyone who needs a lawyer should contact Scher Law and Hugh Scher. I can guarantee you wouldn't get the same results from another lawyer.
Leor Grebler on 2018-02-10
 Hugh Scher has done fantastic with in reviewing past employment agreements and other documents for me. He's honest, direct, and compassionate in his feedback. Very lucky to know him and having worked with him.

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