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Address: 2955 Gladwin Rd #202, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5T4, Canada
Phone: (604) 859-3553
Candace Marie Freeman on 2020-03-16
 Mr Schultz has been my lawyer ever since I was first brought into custody. And I can honestly say that this man is as good as it gets, he’s a completely understanding guy, and gives no false facts or opinions on anything. He comes at u 100% gives u complete respect and his advise is never a failure, it’s truth, and reality. 1 thing I can say and do no 100% that is if u are in need of a lawyer who is not just a good guy and dressed well but who has the knowledge and commitment to win any case at trial. If my life was on line and I had to chose any lawyer in the world to defend for my life well Darryl Schultz I’d call u with out a doubt. If u wanna win ur case call this man.
Hillbilly Koester on 2019-12-23
 Excellent guy and great follow up with checking information for you
Norm Gill on 2016-10-14
 Darrel Schultz is the lawyer to have on your side... My son and I have been using Darrel for the past 10 years... He has never failed to amaze us with his expertise... He is a very calm, cool and collected, respectable gentleman... If you need assistance anytime 24/7, I would without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Mr. Darrel Schultz as your attorney... No hesitation needed...

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