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Address: 185 Brock St N, Whitby, ON L1N 4H3, Canada
Phone: (905) 665-7652
Tyler Milley on 2019-02-27
 Donna shiplett represented me (Natasha Smith) for my family case and won custody of my son as well as my criminal case regarding an assault against my then common law husband which Donna also won in between the years of 2011 2013.Donna was very welcoming and understanding she also referred me to a woman shelter and councilor got me all the housing services I needed to get out of my situation and consulted me to to go to the police in Pickering and file a restraining order and make a report.Donma was very thorough and very kind she was truly a shark in the court room and any legal matters that needed to be rectified she made sure were taken care of and rectified.Donna shiplett made sure justice had been served for me in my case both in family court and for my domestic violence case and made sure my husband was arrested and held accountable I strongly recommend Donna shiplett if you are seeking legal council.Donna does free consolations and in some cases like mine does (pro bono) cases of the circumstances are right and if you are not the person charged she has great recommendations for womans rights and services she was amazing me and my son chase had our happily ever after due to Donna helping fight our legal battles and for that I will always be grateful and strongly recommend her for you.(she ks allergic to cigarettes smoke) so please dont go to her office out of respect for her smelling of smoke it bothers her breathing

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