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Address: 4851 Westwinds Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4L4, Canada
Phone: (403) 216-1199
Website: http://www.shorylaw.com/
Aman S on 2020-03-04
 Jatin is the guy to reach out for all your questions and needs for immigration. He’s super nice dude and really was always available. Kudos to his team as well. Thanks again guys. Keep up the good work.
Zahin Majid on 2020-05-23
 Sarvesh Jeet great person to speak with. Helped us out in the exact moment to figure a way out of trouble. He was very easy accessible May Allah bless you and your family
Cole Snydmiller on 2020-05-24
 While looking for legal advice I called Shory Law and was directed to Sarvesh Jeet for assistance. This guy is an absolute rockstar and left me feeling very confident after answering all of my questions. Very sharp, well practiced and articulate, I would recommend anyone I know in a legal bind to give this guy a call.Thanks again Sarvesh.
Rebecca King on 2020-04-02
 Gurjiwan Mann is my son's lawyer, he is knowledgable, caring and honest. He was forthwith with anything new that came about and seemed to care that my son was home with our family in these very troubling times. I have really appreciated working with him while he had been working with my minor son.
azaifa stars on 2020-05-23
 We really appreciated your support in the time of our need, and thank you for your advice and willingness to help. Your instructions were very clear and effective. THANK YOU SOO MUCH Sarvesh Jeet .... shory LAW Jazak ALLAH KHARE Javed Mohammed

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