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Address: 145 15th St W #203, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1R9, Canada
Phone: (604) 986-2522
Website: http://www.silverlaw.ca/
Rachel Maddock on 2020-05-16
 Silver Law handled our first home purchase. Cindy and the team made the process incredibly smooth and easy during a stressful time! The staff was easy to communicate with and professional. We will definitely be back.
Bob Reader on 2020-05-19
 Cindy runs a first class organization, contact was timely and thoughtful. I have been in the finance industry for 30 years and i highly recommend this firm.
Karen Chiasson on 2020-05-20
 Cindy, and Silver Law, were very helpful with my multiple real estate transactions. Thank you!
Omid Atayi on 2020-01-29
 I highly recommend this law firm. They are always ready to help, not a typical behavior you see from law firms these days. Qainoor is knowledgeable and best in courtesy and kindness.
GITA TEHRANCHI on 2019-12-11
 I work with Cindy for around 10 years. I am happy about how she helps me and my clients who I will send to her. She is trusty. I recommend her regarding real estate transactions.

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