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Address: 172 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G9, Canada
Phone: (905) 525-0005
Website: http://www.smordinlaw.com/
Walter Van Durban on 2019-09-26
 Ms Smordin and her staff were so helpful in getting me through my case.in 2017 I broke up with my girlfriend, who was selling out belongings to feed her secret drug habit. After trying to get her into treatment several times it became clear that she wasn't ready or willing to clean-up. When I told her not to come around anymore she decided to go to the police and made up a bunch of horrible stuff about me and my family.When the police showed up at my door I was totally shocked about the things she was accusing me of. They arrested based on the lies of a drug addict who I tried so hard to help.I called Ms. Smordin right away and she was able to talk me through the bail process, getting legal aid and the first steps towards proving my innocences.Her hard work and listening to her advice resulted in my charges being dismissed. It wasn't an easy time in my life but with Ms Smordin i don't know what i would have done.Sadly my ex ended up passing away due to a Fentenal OD. So sad the trouble hard drugs cause.
Leon Hill on 2019-01-02
 Ms. Smordin and her legal team did an amazing job for me. Last year I went out for the first time with an acquaintance form work and some of his friends. I thought we were just going to hit up some clubs but it turns out these guys also were selling drugs. We got pulled over by the police and when the police ran the drivers name (not my acquaintance) they found he was a suspended driver and proceeded to search the car. The police found drugs and guns in the car (the car was also stolen).Everyone was arrested and the crown opposed bail even though i had no record. My family got in touch with Ms. Smordin's office and she was able to arrange bail and ensure i had the ability to get to work and care for my child.The next year was long as we waited for the process to unfold but her tam was there for me every step of the way. Eventually the crown was forced to drop the charges due to her hard work and constantly pointing out the lack of evidence against me. Good people end up in bad situations an she made sure I came out on top. Thank you so much Ms. Smordin.
creed hyper on 2019-09-26
 Thank you Sandee!This lawyer totally saved my a$$. I was catching a ride to a show with some dudes I know from around my building. We pulled up to a Ride check and all of a sudden things got crazy. Turns out the cops ran the plate and the owner was wanted on warrants. When they searched the car the found some pretty serious drugs.Turns out these dudes were pretty deep in drugs and causing trouble. We like the same music and stuff but trouble ain't my thing. Sandee's experience and legal brain were able to get the crown to drop the charges against me without having to go to court.
Carter Willis on 2019-09-21
 Thanks Sandee I owe you so much thanks for being with me in court. I was so stressed out and seeing how you walked into court and the Judge gave you so much respect made me calm down. I am so happy I found you to be my lawyer.
dana diamonds on 2019-10-02
 Sandee and her staff are just great. They were so kind in supporting me through my legal struggles. Very, Very LBGTQ2 positive and supportive. It really tough when you legal trouble but I made it through. Thanks Sandee!

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