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Address: 805 W Broadway #1200, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K1, Canada
Phone: (604) 879-0291
Website: http://www.saclaw.ca/
Ulrike Rodrigues on 2018-12-02
 Creating an estate plan and a will can be a daunting process for a solo woman in Vancouver. I first made contact with Mark Braeder of Stewart, Aulinger when I sent a message out on a neighbourhood email listserv. Mark responded promptly (I guess he lives in my neighbourhood) and invited me to a free estate-planning info session that he was offering along with Vancity Credit Union. I attended the event which included a light-hearted but informative slideshow with handouts I could take home. I worked through the handouts and emailed Mark questions when I encountered them. He always wrote back quickly and kindly. Mark has guided me through the steps necessary to write a list of Gifts, a "living will," Power Of Attorney; to create a charity trust fund (with Vancouver Community Foundation), and other odd bits I wouldn't know about. I'm in the home stretch now and feel relieved that Mark and this company have been supportive of this important process. Mark had told me at the onset that this kind of will is fairly straightforward (no spouse, no kids) and he quoted me a very reasonable rate for the service. I see 2 earlier reviews left negative (low-star) reviews with no explanation. I hope you read this and find my review helpful.
Robin Jones on 2019-03-27
 Referred by bc lawyer referral service. Reinhart Awlinger spent time with me on phone to answer all questions and offer advise. No charge. Excellent service.
Fielding Hehr on 2018-11-27
 Great place, friendly staff, good selection, great service. Overall a fine experience.

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