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Address: 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5, Canada
Phone: (416) 480-6100
Website: https://sunnybrook.ca/
Charlene Kalia on 2020-01-26
 We brought my mom into the hospital because she had shortness of breath and was feeling dizzy. In about 90 minutes they had her a room and about in 60 minutes later they had a doctor examine her. He wasn’t rushed he didn’t take shortcuts he went through all of the testing that he needed to do to reassure us. He ordered a CAT scan and because there were so many unanswered questions, he kept her for observation! I can’t say enough about how thorough they were and thankful they did not make us feel like we are part of an assembly line!
Calvin Toronto on 2017-09-23
 Excellent facility with great staff. Advance medicine practice act as teaching hospital for new doctor. Can't say enough about the hospital as my family member was treated here. Keep up the good work
Orion Upegui on 2019-05-02
 This hospital is not a bad hospital. I've been here many times and the staff are nice and friendly...sometimes. The only problem I have with the hospital is sometimes the bathrooms aren't clean (especially in the trauma unit) and occasionally the hand rails are dusty or have stains on them.
Daniyal Shaikh on 2020-02-29
 I was there for two days. I was triaged as priority due to the nature of the injury. Recieved thorough care. Every one of the staff were professional and friendly. I spend 1 day in the hallway because they needed the bed. Now federal and provincial funding is to blame for lack of bed space. Can not fault the hospital. As for the people complaining about taking 7 hours (at other hospitals and other times, I have also waited that long.) it's mostly because of a lack of after hours clinics. Also for those complaint about rude staff file out a patient complaint form RIGHT AWAY but be OBJECTIVE. I completely agree that there should be more resources for after hours medical needs in a developed country like ours. Review parliament or Queens park instead, give THEM a 1 star. However, that does not detract from all the wonderful people who work tirelessly to treat people.

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