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After ten years as a Crown Prosecutor, Calgary criminal lawyer Susan Karpa has turned to defending the people of Calgary and the surrounding region when they’ve been accused of a crime. With experience on both sides of the courtroom, Susan is uniquely qualified to offer clients a comprehensive defence against any criminal or drug related charge. She’ll find the flaws in the Crown’s case and make sure you get the full and rigorous defence the law entitles you to.

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Reviews for Susan Karpa Criminal Defence Lawyer
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Address: 535 10 Ave SW #201, Calgary, AB T2R 0A8, Canada
Phone: (587) 888-7149
Website: https://www.susankarpa.com/
Abdirihim Abdi on 2020-05-22
 Susan Karpa is one of the best lawyer in Calgary. My experience with Susan was absolutely great! She is highly professional, focused and gave the best favourable result in my case. She honestly answer all my questions and gave me time to time updates. I highly RECOMMEND to all who need good and sincere legal representation. Thank you so much once again Susan
Cindy K on 2020-01-14
 Susan, was amazing from our initial conversation to the final decision from the crown for a full withdrawal!! She was very relaxing, confident, professional! If you need a lawyer to be with you in a difficult situation, that is there without judgment. Susan Karpa is your best choice! She does her research and understands the uncomfortable situations. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Susan?????????????
Ramu on 2020-03-14
 Got responded promptly and advised thoroughly about the processes and outcomes that helped me decide the course.
Muhammad Khan on 2019-05-13
 I would say that Madam Susan Karpa is one of the Top and Best Criminal Lawyer in Canada. We should be proud that we have someone like Susan Karpa as a defense Lawyer. I am extremely happy and very Thankful to Susan Karpa, and it was only due to her skills, knowledge, experience and charismatic personality and high energy, that my case has been completely withdrawn and thrown out of the courts. I am very very happy that at last, I got Justice Because there was always a very strong voice for me and a very strong personality standing between the Law and me and who always fought for me and succeeded 100%. She always saved me from going to Court and I didn't go to Court even once, which was Great. If you take help from Susan Karpa I guarantee that She will always exceeds your expectations. I would highly recommend her services to everyone including my family, friends and relatives forever. In the end I would say, Thank you very much Madam Susan Karpa the Best,for your hard work, honesty, sincere support, your energy, intelligence and time. Best Regards
John Doe on 2019-08-23
 I was falsely accused of a very serious crime and have never been in trouble with the law before. This was a very nerve wracking experience for myself and my family. Susan was very empathetic and walked me through the entire process to make it less stressful. You could tell this was her job and she was calm and went about it in a systematic manner. The only part I regret is I didn't get to enjoy seeing her in front of the judge/jury because the court put a stay of proceedings on the trial. I am confident it would of been fun to watch her pick the accuser's evidence apart. If you need a criminal lawyer you cannot go wrong with Susan. Thanks again Susan!

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