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Address: 331 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0G5, Canada
Phone: (613) 321-2301
Website: https://www.ztmlaw.com/
Petula Sourges on 2020-02-19
 I highly recommend Zak, he handles all my personal Real Estate transactions. I refer him with confidence to all my friends, family as well as my clients. Top notch lawyer, excellent service, deserving of 10 stars!
Edward Waller on 2019-10-17
 Great service. I’ve used Zak twice now and would use his service again
Michael Rose on 2019-07-09
 Very helpful. Responded to my concerns promptly and did exactly what I needed.
1 1 on 2018-07-26
 Best real estate lawyer.plesure to deal with.Good service and advise
Chad Robinson on 2019-04-18
 Zak is an amazing lawyer!

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