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Address: 345 Carlingview Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6N9, Canada
Phone: (877) 682-8772
Website: https://www.tssa.org/
Adel Yaghoubzadeh on 2019-10-16
 Went there yesterday for the first time to do a test. Staff were nice and helpful and overall satisfied but I wish they had online booking system and instead of providing the results and marks within 6 weeks, they could do it online in a much shorter amount of time so people like me could decide what are they gonna do next!
Chris D on 2019-04-30
 Overall good, easy to deal with especially when compared to the college of trades, I needed my gas ticket sent electronically and they sent it right away. $50 a year isn't a whole lot for a gas ticket when my other license is $135 plus it's tax deductible. I called to renew it which took a total of 3 minutes including payment. I had one run in with an inspector, he was courteous and helpful even though I had some deficiencies with my company truck he didn't throw the book at me but did issue me a fine.
Phong Niê on 2019-10-24
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