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Reviews for Law Office of Tina Hlimi
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Address: 80 Corporate Dr #301, Scarborough, ON M1H 3G5, Canada
Phone: (647) 609-1153
Website: http://www.tinalaw.ca/
Abdikadir Osman on 2020-03-09
 Tina hlimi is good lawyer and very kind person,she is really humble, and I want to thank Tina I truly appreciate everything you have done for me.
Gemmila Joseph on 2020-01-13
 She is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever had. I would 100% recommend her to anyone.
OSMAN AHMED on 2019-12-08
 She is one the best lawyer I have ever seen she is kind, caring I can not thank her enough because she deserves more than thanks for what she did for me

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