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Address: 148 Third St #105, Cobourg, ON K9A 5X2, Canada
Phone: (905) 372-3773
Website: http://www.thirdstreetlaw.ca/
Guenther Moeller on 2020-03-10
 I recently moved from Toronto and was looking for a Family Law practice lawyer. A friend recommended this law firm. I was not disappointed. I received the legal advice I was looking for. The service was friendly, courteous and professional. I found the fees to be very reasonable (compared to Toronto). Thank you!
Tanya Eastman on 2020-03-05
 Good results and representation
Jeri Mondor on 2019-09-09
 The best lawyers in town
Adair Wilson on 2017-02-10
 Amazing Law firm and very professional ! They are truly friendly and out going, the staff are all willing to help you! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a law firm :)

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