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TopMarké Attorneys [TPM Attorneys] is an ambitious law partnership formed by some of the leading names on the Toronto legal landscape including Johnson Babalola, Kemi Oduwole, Akin Reju. At TopMarké, we consistently deliver excellence by anticipating client needs, by shaping the playing field and by delivering innovating solutions.

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Reviews for Johnson Babalola
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Address: 2 Lansing Square, North York, ON M2J 4P8, Canada
Phone: (416) 733-8585
Website: http://www.jblaw.ca/
Antonio Ferguson on 2019-06-06
 I am about to check it out so far the receptionist had no manners ,sounds very aggressive an unprofessional but I have a lil faith in mr Johnson babalola , hoping for the best
Mayor Ojute on 2019-09-05
 Excellent service, Excellent staff, everything about them is excellent.
2KLEGENDS PLAYZ on 2019-04-21
 Great Great service best ever in the whole of Ontario
Peace A on 2018-02-14
 Very professional and dedicated lawyers. Focused and result driven. God bless u guys
Goodness Nnadi on 2018-09-10
 For all your Immigration and Refugee legal advise, Johnson Babalola is your best option

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