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Address: 931 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2H2, Canada
Phone: (416) 981-5500
Website: https://www.torontohousing.ca/
Miroslav Maranich on 2019-08-09
 Met, Mrs.Karla Castillo tenant service coordinator, Listened to my issues,she was outright,paying careful attention,what the issue was,she said we will make it right.Marvelous Lady,I very much appreciate such concern, Thankyou, M.Maranich.
Douglas Lake on 2019-11-21
 Front desk moderately busy but the only place to do business without an appointment
Alicia-Francesca Gormley on 2018-09-19
 As social housing they need to be more accountable with addressing they needs of community access to services and agencies.And the needs of at risk and vulnerable members of society....As civil servants and agents of municipal housing the ability to update archaic dated policies that are stoid and stagnant bordering on verge of defunct absentee slum lords.And their plausible unaccountability for actual breaking of by laws / civil liberties and basic human rights. .....

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