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Address: 5000 Yonge St #500, North York, ON M2N 7J8, Canada
Phone: (800) 846-5970
Website: http://ivari.ca/
john Black on 2020-04-21
 The company is good at building wealth and protecting yourself. Most of the issues I read are about not understanding how insurance actually works and that term which most of the industry offers goes up when it renews which is auto. As it is based on age and medical condition. There are not so good agents out their just like any company but they are usually independent, but calling the 1 800 number they are quick to help you out as much as they can. But you have to read what you are signing. I know I am happy with my setup and my kids they will have coverage for their life and growing for their retirement.
Zoeyjo M on 2020-04-22
 Great company to work with!highly recommended! Before you even give your void cheque or any payment information to the advisor, Please do ask question or clarify and understand the structure of your insurance. As an advisor, We wanted to keep our client while maintaining a good relationship and of good service with them. Getting an insurance is a lifetime commitment between the Client and the advisor as well as the insurance company. It is just unfortunate that there are advisors out there that just go after other's people money without giving them the service that they need. It is also unfortunate that there are clients who didn't understand what they're getting and blindly jump right away. There are many kinds of insurance so Please research as well and ASK please, so you won't be hanging out here and give your reviews and then blame it to IVARI.
Annie Kingay on 2020-04-22
 I have been working with this company for 2 years now and I am forever grateful for their support and easy to access with every questions . Also I have a plan that helped me secure my life, my future and my family . God is good! He answered my prayers through this company!
Karolina Szymanska on 2019-12-17
 My mom and dad had insurance with Transamerica for years. They changed to ivari and we still had a smooth claims experience with them when my dad passed away. My mom got her full claim, no problems.After that, I also purchased insurance with ivari through my advisor. I see a lot of negative feedback here and its unfortunate. We have had nothing but great experience both with applying and when putting in a claim. You've given my mother piece of mind, and now myself as well. Thanks.

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