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Address: 8459 160 St #200, Surrey, BC V4N 0V6, Canada
Phone: (604) 635-1330
Website: http://www.tlag.ca/
Pia Lagos on 2019-01-09
 Highly recommend. Very professional and understanding. Great team overall and highly motivated and dedicated lawyers and staff.
Angela on 2017-07-04
 Chris is not easily intimidated by a tough case or afraid of going up against "the big guys". Where others lawyers might have thought my case too difficult, Chris was not afraid of hard work and had the confidence and tenacity to fight for me. He was very candid regarding possible outcomes but he worked hard to achieve a favorable one for me. He never promised anything he couldn't deliver and he kept his word on everything. His communication throughout was clear, concise and direct. I highly respect and trust Chris as a lawyer and recommend him to anyone in need of one.
Mervyn McBurnie on 2017-08-04
 I've had two occasions to consult with Paul Roxburgh over business concerns, and in both cases, he has quickly reduced the problem to its simplest level and advised a cool headed and economical approach to solving it.
Wendy Dalton on 2016-03-23
 I wish to thank Mr. Carta for taking the time to look at my file. It is too bad that it was not accepted. It is complicated but I have all of it in order including film footage, court stamped affidavits, and the file complete and in order. As for WCB although it is 20 years old I have been through several appeals on my own winning all. I have kept my file open with them and have been building a new appeal for a while as they owe me $$$$$$$$. I have already done the paralegal work myself and all information and understanding of the issues are very clear. It is very obvious they made their decision last time on personal feelings towards myself. There is a large amount of medical reports in my favor from several Doctor's as well as my specialist. So thank you for taking the time to look at my papers. As for going to Prince George for a lawyer, well I was black balled and forced to leave town when the Doctor's got wind of my intentions to write about them. There was not a lawyer in that town who would talk to me once they heard my name. At that time I had $20,000 for a retainer. That is how much I was shut down. That was the reason for my move to Vancouver, to get treatment from my specialist and meds the Doctor's in P.G. refused me. In fact none of the Doctor's would see me anymore after I was finally diagnosed. I am a writer and do it for those who can not speak for themselves. That put a fear in the Medical community there causing the domino affect of removal of supports. Again thank you for your time. The phrase I hear the most when I seek help is "it is too complicated". This is true that is why I have spent years putting everything in order and reducing it to 16 pages with references to letters, dates and a sentence or two. My WCB file is in line and up to date, all the work is done except for the power of a Lawyer. I will be sending a copy and notes to several lawyers who's names were given to me that may be interested in contingency payment. I never expected Pro Bono from any lawyer. just justice. I appreciate your initial interest and time, thank you.Wendy Dalton

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