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Address: 10481 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 4Y7, Canada
Phone: (780) 451-3432
Website: http://www.ilovemypet.com/
Lara Matuszczak on 2020-04-27
 The staff and owner are amazing. The prices are extremely fair and they actually care about what is best for you and your needs, not their bottom dollar. Would recommend 1000 times over.
Rumple SingSing on 2019-05-30
 This is my new favorite pet supply store, they have an awesome selection of collars which my dog loves to chew through regularly. They also have dog food and other assorted accessories for all pets.
Joseph Sims on 2019-06-02
 They have a good selection of products and toys for our beloved pets. Our dogs love the parsley bones. They are better than Crest white stripes . They have not had stinky breath since started using them. Thank you for great service.

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