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Address: 2500 Boulevard de l'Université, Sherbrooke, QC J1K 2R1, Canada
Phone: (819) 821-8000
Website: http://www.usherbrooke.ca/
Junaid Khan on 2020-01-02
 How much is fee for international student if bachelor of business....and does it offer the course in eng ?
erfan basaty on 2020-04-23
 I wish I could study at this university, but due to lack of money and the country in which I live, I will not have the experience of studying at this university.
A Suthan on 2017-12-25
 Best University in the Quebec in Canada. Most of the courses are conducted in French. This University's uniqueness is maintaining and adhering values on eco-friendly atmosphere. They strongly discourage to use own car driving same time encourage to use public transport as far as possible. Very spacious Library. Good student accommodation.
Noir on 2018-12-02
 Thank you very much, even tho I do not go to this school, y'all have produced the best math teacher I have ever met he is so into his field and has a knack for teaching that it inspired me I knew it came from somewhere so I kind of did my research and found it he did his grad school here cant thank you enough... Monsieur Aurélien Moupila's student :)
Pier Giorgio Vaccaro on 2018-07-10
 Universitè De Viet Vo Dao 1992

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