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Reviews for Charmaine L. Van Tine Notary Public
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Address: 7159 W Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1P7, Canada
Phone: (250) 652-4321
Website: http://www.bc-notary.ca/
Mike G on 2019-10-31
 We used Charmaine for a mortgage renewal and our experience was fantastic. She knows her stuff, is friendly and has a great sense of humor. She turned what had been a negative experience up until that point into a positive one. We will definitely use her again.
Trevor jones on 2017-02-18
 No complaints about the service it went well and the fee was acceptable they even "snuck me in"with short notice (but that's coincidental). I am going to complain about the fact that they don't take debit cards for payment and even worse they don't suggest this to you when making an appointment. So bring cash or a cheque or a piece of bark and charcoal to write down your mark.
Clarke Wright on 2013-06-15
 In all of my dealings with Charmaine Van Tine Notary Public, I've had an excellent experience. She is very friendly, she knows her stuff and the office staff have a great sense of humour. But they were all very professional when it came time to getting down to business. I highly recommend this notary public.
Teri Vigfusson on 2017-11-06
 Very good service
stephen malkow on 2017-06-13
 Very professional!

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