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Address: 20 Erb St W #906, Waterloo, ON N2L 1T2, Canada
Phone: (519) 744-5588
Website: http://www.vlawfirm.ca/
Brianna Douglas on 2020-03-02
 I would recommend this law firm as they are very professional and thorough. Verbanac and Associates ensured that I was always updated on new information within my case. When I had questions, they were answered honestly and within a timely fashion. All of my options were given and thoroughly explained, if needed. Having a professional law firm such as Verbanac helped to ease my worries and eliminated a lot of stress.
Stephanie Tilbury on 2020-01-28
 Very friendly and professional team. Highly recommend Verbanac & Associates to anyone seeking legal advice, you will not be disappointed!

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