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Reviews for Verma Law & Anita Verma - Realtor
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Address: 147 Liberty St, Toronto, ON M6K 3G3, Canada
Phone: (647) 237-0669
Website: http://6ixlaw.ca/
Raymond Lim on 2020-03-26
 I myself am a realtor and I purchased a vacant lot in a private gated community which had previously had a heritage home on it that was destroyed by natural disasters. It was a very unique transaction and I trusted Anita Verma and her clerk, Diane, to do all the proper title and non-title searches in a prompt and professional manner. They were both reachable by phone or text and they made the whole experience of purchasing my vacant lot enjoyable. Thank you Anita and Diane! Ray Lim
Matt Miller on 2020-03-27
 Professional and efficient! Anita's skill set as a lawyer combined with her ambition and knowledge as a realtor makes for an excellent customer experience. I would highly recommend Anita for your next real estate transaction.
G W on 2019-12-29
 Anita’s knowledge of the law and the real estate market is second to none. We are working with her for a year now and our experience has been more than satisfying! She goes that extra mile that others don’t; she is also an extremely personable individual who’ll take all the time necessary and then some to answer every and any question you have. She’s dedicated, focussed and very very smart!!
Bobby Dhillon on 2020-03-26
 Anita provides exceptional service with property and legal matters. Her professionalism is second to none. Thank you for your outstanding service Anita!
kdimonte1 . on 2020-03-25
 Anita Verma is a fantastic lawyer and colleague. She is knowledgeable, and professional! Highly recommended!

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