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Address: 50 St Thomas St #108, St. Albert, AB T8N 6Z8, Canada
Phone: (780) 459-1284
Website: http://wearylaw.com/
Bigoa Machar on 2019-02-01
 Very kind staff that care about all of your issues and go above and beyond to help their clients. I would leave a sixth star here if I could. I went to go get my Bachelor's Degree notarized for a foreign visa. Most other places in St. Albert and Edmonton charge $70 or so to get this done, but James Weary did this at no cost! All I needed to do was book an appointment a day in advance. Not only that, but he was nice enough to type a cover letter for the confirmation, again at no cost. Everything was quick, easy and done right the first time. Thank you again James!
Glen Crockett on 2016-08-02
 I needed to get a copy of my university degree notarized, so I began researching notary publics in St. Albert. I started by calling the most well reviewed, and after some price shopping and possible future appointments, I ended up on the phone with Mr. Weary's office. First off, I talked with him personally and he told me to swing by and he'd do it right away - already beating the competition. He then proceeded to do the notarization, a $50 charge, for free. Two weeks later, I found out I needed a written official cover letter of the notary public, and had to GO BACK to Mr. Weary. He still refused to charge me, even though by this point I had clearly inlisted a decent amount of his time. I am certain that other lawyers and notary publics often give small services like this for free, and can not guarantee that you will not be charged should you see him personally, but I had to comment on how great my experience was at Weary and Zyrmiak Law.
Frederick Duke on 2018-04-14
 Thorough and efficient legal realty services.

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