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Address: 390 Bay St #1202, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y2, Canada
Phone: (416) 640-0508
Website: http://healthlawfirm.ca/
Frizzell James on 2019-03-12
 I am a dentist licensed by RCDSO. Weinman and Arnold provide wise counsel and guidance. Specifically, Joyce Weinman has a background in the dental field as a hygienist in Ontario. She understands the dental profession. This law firm is honest and ethical. I totally trust them, and trust is the most important, critical factor.
Angela Fu on 2018-06-27
 Very knowledgeable and experienced lawyers help with our health clinic. They have assisted with helping to set clinic policy. They have assisted our practitioners with their College matters, and with a variety of other legal and business matters.

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