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Address: 1290 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, ON L5C 4R3, Canada
Phone: (905) 279-7930
Mad Artist Publishing on 2018-10-05
 Ed has been my lawyer for over a decade, I processed 6 deals personally and referred many people to him. His office and staff is extremely knowledgable on various real estate fronts, from my latest purchase of pre-construction to transferring of titles and numerous other things Ed Nakon (the lawyer and Halina) are incredible at what they do and take they time to educate you and make you feel confident in your decisions regardless of what they turn out to be.
mk k on 2016-03-23
 As a Realtor I met many lawyers over the past decade but only one never failed to be accessible, return my calls or client's calls when needed, without being "too busy for them". This is huge benefit when closing day is here and imagine you can't get a hold of your lawyer. It happened many times with others but never with Edward Nakon. My#1 choice for clients and all of my personal purchases or sales. High integrity professional that proved himself hundreds of times over the decade. A+.
Remax Performance on 2019-03-14
 Edward is a great and professional lawyer.

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