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Reviews for West Toronto Community Legal Services
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Address: 1032 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M4, Canada
Phone: (416) 531-7376
Website: https://www.wtcls.org/
Danny D on 2020-03-01
 Great service for low income people who cant self represent .
Elin Raymond on 2018-08-24
 I had the unfortunate need to discuss a very private and concerning human rights issue. I was so happy with how this was dealt with and I had a very positive experience talking with the lawyer. I received excellent advise and management. I was able to move forward and feel very confident in how I have dealt with my legal issue. I would recommend West Toronto Legal Services unconditionally.
L. G. on 2019-04-20
 They were very helpful with some legal things before. However, not so much when it involves neighbour and landlord noise issues. I'm dissapointed because I got turned away from the community centre in my catchment area.
Steffen Manderla on 2020-01-14
 Very helpfull

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