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Address: 1 Roberts Bank Rd, Delta, BC V4M 4G5, Canada
Phone: (604) 946-4491
Website: http://www.westshore.com/
Jeffrey Zhang on 2019-09-07
 Great place to hang around while waiting for ferry.
Miguel Ceja on 2018-01-02
Peter Jackman on 2019-03-23
 Was there for work. Employees, security, and other staff members were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Divina Larson on 2018-01-31
 Westshore Terminals customer service was okay except for the security guard at gate, I totally understand his job but the way he approached me as human was awful, it was an older white guy. I explained that I was driving from Washington to see my brother. Apparently he didn’t get the permission pass coming from Westshore, it was a simple mistake of communication but instead yelled at me to leave the premises? (I don’t think so!)
Richard J Bergeron on 2016-07-23
 Coal is delivered here by rail from Western Canada and Western US coal mines and delivered to mostly Asian destinations.

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