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Address: 15 Shelborne Ave, North York, ON M5N 1Y8, Canada
Phone: (416) 924-6231
Website: http://kenwiseandassociates.ca/
Ellisa Atherton on 2019-04-12
 Zev and Kenneth Wise are extraordinary! You're working with a team that are honest, have vast experience and knowledge. Very sharp minded! Supportive, prepared, precise, and more, are what to expect when working with Ken Wise and Associates! No false promises, but they will fight for you, especially when things seem hopeless. They are "The Fixers"!
D Zielinsky on 2018-11-27
 respectful and knowledgeable, answered all my questions!
roni zamir on 2015-11-27
  I Wanna buy your house!!

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