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Address: 475 2 Ave S #410, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1P4, Canada
Phone: (306) 933-0004
Website: http://wmcz.com/
Riley Thomas on 2019-12-24
 Ive had the opportunity to deal with multiple forms of law at WMCZ. They are always very helpful and reasonably priced. Will continue to use them for years to come.
Ryan Antunes on 2019-05-01
 Would 100% recommend Cam Klein for anybody looking for a lawyer for real estate. It was my first time buying a home and he walked me through every step without making me feel intimidated or incompetent. He took his time to explain everything and I feel like I learned quite a few things about home buying and mortgages in general. If anybody is ever looking to buy a home (first home or otherwise) give WMCZ a call - Cam won't let you down!
Glenn Chuback on 2019-04-19
 You've always done a really good job for us moderately-priced little bit on the high side but do a good job
Jan Zawada on 2018-06-16
 Even though we own the last name when you need a great family lawyer I would recommend Mark Vanstone for family law. He gets the job done to YOUR instructions

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